About Toyota

After 50 years in Australia, Toyota has grown to be one of Australia’s leading automotive companies. In just five decades, our proud organisation has grown from a patchwork of import, sales, distribution and assembly activities into a major force. In doing so, we have overcome great difficulties, brought forth strong leaders, fostered the talents of many Australians and contributed to the social and economic development of this country. We have been supported by loyal employees, customers, dealers, suppliers, and have earned the commitment of governments and many other organisations and individuals both in Australia and throughout the world.

Toyota Australia prides itself on being a learning organisation. In this spirit, we offer a unique rotations and promotions system designed to promote and develop from within. Employees are also given the opportunity to develop cross-functional expertise through line-to-function rotation and vice versa.

Our company has worked hard to build a reputation for quality and integrity, as well as a commitment to responsible management, respectful behaviour and innovative environmental practices. Supported by the principles outlined in the Toyota Global Vision, we strive to maintain the title of Australia’s most respected and admired company.

Benefits of working at Toyota

    • 14% superannuation
    • Global company
    • Maternity leave
    • Onsite parking
    • Staff discounts
    • Vehicle lease schemes


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