About stratton

stratton has always been somewhat unconventional: our focus on technology, the funky offices, and in-house lattes on tap, the refrigerator loaded with Friday night drinks, games area – and the list goes on. We care about our employees and provide a dynamic and enjoyable work environment that encourages achievement and rewards success.

We’re a business that defines itself through the smart and efficient use of technology.  We may be a finance company, but we’re nothing like other finance companies; no stuffy old bankers, no bean-counters and no corporate bureaucracy – just a dynamic, fast growing, technology-focussed business.  We’re successful because we disrupted our industry 10 years ago and continue to do so today – we do things differently, and our team plays a critical role in our success.

stratton offers a fun, dynamic and technology-driven working environment, with fantastic benefits and on-target remuneration.  We also know the only real assets of any business are the people in it, and the real success of any business is how much those people love what they do.

We opened our doors in 1998 and some of the people we hired at the beginning are still with us today.


Benefits of working at stratton

    • Access to industry leading products and services
    • Casual working environment with a flat structure
    • Excellent on-target remuneration
    • Five-day week with family friendly working hours
    • Friendly culture
    • Great offices with staff café and fantastic amenities
    • High-tech systems
    • professional development & support
    • Self-directed and results focused


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