About Philip Morris International

INKOMPASS is a personalised 2-cycle internship program which enables you to DISCOVER yourself through challenges and cultural diversity, LEARN portable skills from real business projects and experience OPPORTUNITIES for building a unique business network.  The goal of the program is to prepare you for a fulfilling career, giving you a chance of receiving a job offer with an affiliate of Philip Morris International (PMI) even before you graduate!

We look for first year University students (studying 3 year degree sequences), or eligible second year University students (studying 4 year degree sequences only) from all areas of study to join the INKOMPASS program. If this sounds like YOU, visit our website to learn more!

It was through the INKOMPASS program and my project that I learn about working together to achieve a target - everyone is willing to help you and give you their time, because we are all in this together.

— Antoinette INKOMPASS Intern

At INKOMPASS I learnt that stepping out of your comfort zone is easier to do once you understand how beneficial it is to your own development. INKOMPASS gave me this opportunity to stretch myself.

— Joseph INKOMPASS Intern

Through INKOMPASS, I was exposed to such a friendly environment with co-workers with a rich diversity of experience and expertise. This helped me develop more confidence and business understanding.

— Chau INKOMPASS Intern

In particular the INKOMPASS program helped me understand my true strengths and weaknesses. I was continually shown how to utilize my strengths, as well as how to improve the competencies I was weaker at.

— Michell INKOMPASS Intern


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