About Oakton

For over 25 years we have worked with corporate and government clients across a range of industries. Each client success story outlines how Oakton defines the problem, the approach and recommendations made, and the results achieved.

We bring together a deep experience-based understanding of the issues and trends of key industry sectors, with an intimate knowledge of business processes, operational processes and management systems. Perhaps, that’s why we see things others don’t.

Every day our people are thinking about the key challenges our clients are tackling. Our innovative approach allows us to conceptualise solutions ranging from Big Data, Mobile, Cloud and Digital solutions and deliver inventive business benefits. And how do we do this because we are always guided by the philosophy we care, we get it right, we make a difference.

When you join Oakton, you’ll become part of a team of over 1,200 specialists who work with Australia’s leading companies to build solutions and deliver the right business outcomes. You’ll be challenged, get involved in some fantastic initiatives with our customers, giving you the opportunity to make your mark.

Benefits of working at Oakton

    • Advice on Financial Solutions
    • Discounted health insurance premiums
    • Employee referral programme
    • Flexible work options
    • Lifestyle benefits
    • Maternity leave
    • Paternity leave
    • Salary continuance insurance

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