About Les Mills Asia Pacific

Are you interested in a career in fitness? Or just love the workouts and the rush of endorphins? Join the Les Mills tribe and become a Group Fitness Instructor 

About Les Mills Asia Pacific

Thousands of people are enjoying a Les Mills workout somewhere in the world right this second. Yep, every minute of every day – from Africa to Australia – our global tribe of instructors are busy motivating people through the power of group fitness. 

Mixing great music with cutting edge science to guarantee results. The next level is always our goal, so get moving and join us.

Les Mills is a highly regarded pre-choreographed fitness program creator running in over 15,000 clubs worldwide. We provide a completely supported training pathway from participant to Instructor utilising proven training modules, music kits and scientifically checked choreography. 

Les Mills offers Instructor Training Modules in 10 group fitness, 3 high intensity interval training and 5 youth fitness programs to provide you with a suite of skills desirable to any fitness facility. 

As an Instructor you will have access to countless releases of pre-choreographed and scientifically researched workouts giving you more time to focus on your participants and less time creating new routines to keep your class motivated. 

You will also be provided with opportunity to continuously up skill at Instructor Workshops and Advanced Instructor Modules by our highly regarded team of Trainers and Presenters while teaching at facilities across the world.

Gain a global qualification that will allow you to be able to instruct your favourite Les Mills workouts in Australia and around the world.

Benefits of working at Les Mills Asia Pacific

    • A rewarding career in fitness
    • Discounted Reebok Apparel
    • Get paid for working out
    • Global qualification allowing you to teach worldwide
    • Join the mission to create a Fitter Planet
    • Scientifically backed workouts mean you are delivering a safe and effective workout every time


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