About Kaplan

Kaplan Australia is one of the world’s leading providers of lifelong education, helping over one million students around the globe achieve their educational and career goals each year. While we provide a broad array of educational offerings through our programs, our commitment to providing unrivalled quality and great learning outcomes is consistent in each of our businesses.

Kaplan aims to empower students with the tools they need to achieve their educational and career goals. Through our range of educational offerings we are able to help a diverse array of students – from high school through to professional – achieve success.

Our core values define our company culture and provide the framework for what we deliver to our customers and employees each day.

Integrity – We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards in everything we do.
Knowledge – We offer expert resources to help you achieve your academic and career best.
Support – We give you the tools you need to succeed.
Opportunity – We open doors and broaden access to education.

At Kaplan, we partner with you to achieve success at every stage of your educational journey. We strive for greatness so you can do the same. Because your success is how we measure our own.

"Everyone at Kaplan is really passionate about providing the best experience for our students."

— Rad Mitic

"Great people surrounding me and an incredible team. Amazing mentors and leaders – helping me in both professional and personal development, and career."

— Tom Le

"The people at Kaplan from the top down are positive, caring, friendly, helpful and offer a truly 'family' yet professional atmosphere. It is a joy coming to work each day!"

— Yvonne Nixon

"I really enjoy working for Kaplan as is it a company committed to increasing opportunities to each of its students. It is very satisfying to work to help each student recognise their dreams and achieve their goals; truly contributing to one success story at a time."

— Manisha Joshi

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