About Commonwealth Bank

As Australia’s leading financial services provider, we never lose sight of the role we play in other people’s financial wellbeing. Regardless of where you work at CommBank, your initiative, talent, ideas and energy all contribute to the impact that we can make with our work.

We’re looking for graduates and summer interns from a wide range of disciplines who are passionate about developing their skills, taking hold of opportunities and meeting the needs of our customers. At CommBank, our Graduate and Summer Intern programs are a challenging and rewarding way to kick-start your career.

What can you expect as a Graduate or Summer Intern?
• Shine: Contribute from day one by working on real projects that impact our business and our customers, within Australia’s largest bank.
• Develop: Participate in market-leading training to develop your technical and soft skills. This will help with the transition to full-time work from university and ensure you excel in your immediate and future roles.
• Network: Build networks and friendships through unparalleled access to senior leaders, project leads and program sponsors, enhancing your personal and business profile.
• Contribute: Give back to the community through graduate initiatives, driving positive change across our organisation and improving the wellbeing of our graduate cohort.

Graduates start with us in February, but the length of your program can vary. Being such a large and diverse business, we have a vast range of opportunities for you to take hold of. Throughout your first year we provide loads of support to help you to maximize your experience. We help you identify your individual focus areas, and provide you with tailored development sessions on-demand or in person. Our full graduate cohort come together for first in class development events to enhance your capabilities even further. Along the way you’ll be supported through countless opportunities to learn, grow and showcase your talent within a structured, fast-paced and engaging program.

Our 10-week Summer Intern program gives you a taste of what it’s like to work with Australia’s best bank. You’ll be given full support and training to help you decide if we’re the right fit for you. At the end of the Program you’ll also have the opportunity to apply early for our Graduate Program for the following year. Discover where your journey can take you at commbank.com.au/graduate

Benefits of working at Commonwealth Bank
There’s more to working at CommBank than just great financial rewards. Want to spend more time with your family, or on your health and fitness? Ready to grow your career but still maintain a balance? Not only do we offer training and development that’s tailored to your ambitions, you’ll also experience the flexibility and support that are just part of life here.

"The grad program provided me with skills and networks I still rely on every day. Being exposed to so many areas of the organisation allowed me to choose the team that really suited me while still maintaining relationships across the group."

— David, Retail Banking Services Graduate.

"I loved the grad experience at CommBank because it empowered me to take control of my career and harness invaluable opportunities. The breadth of skills and experience you develop in such a short time is incredible, and you’re constantly pushed to become the best version of yourself."

— Kodi, Retail Banking Services Graduate.

"As a grad I came in with the goal of putting theoretical knowledge into practice and learning as much as possible. The first thing I was told by my manager was not to be afraid to fail or break things because that’s how you learn. This sentiment and the strong support system I had during the grad program, empowered me to put myself out there and be creative, to achieve my goal beyond expectations."

— Darshika, Technology Graduate.

"I've had a huge amount of freedom to choose which projects excite me as a grad.
This provides me with the opportunity to contribute to the bigger picture.”

— Nicholas, Technology Graduate.


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