About Australian Signals Directorate

Do you want to do things that most people can not? Do you like to grapple with complex and unusual problems? Can you be counted on to find innovative and clever solutions?

The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) is an intelligence agency in the Australian Government Department of Defence.

Our mission, ‘Reveal their secrets – Protect our own’, accurately summarises our two roles. One is collecting foreign intelligence by interception. The other is information and cyber security – stopping others from doing the same to us.

ASD operates in incredibly challenging and dynamic technical and operational environments. As such it requires staff with a rare mix of skills, adaptability and imagination.


These abilities are needed to out-think and out-imagine some of the most testing adversaries and problems imaginable.

ASD will mentor, develop and train you to be amongst the best. You will work in multidisciplinary teams and learn to use our specialised systems. We will support you with on the job training, and you will attend relevant industry courses and conferences to develop your skills. ASD will help you build strong foundations for a diverse and rewarding career.

To discover more about ASD opportunities, please visit ASD Careers.

Benefits of working at Australian Signals Directorate

    • 4 weeks annual leave
    • Challenging and rewarding
    • Competitive salary and benefits packages
    • Diverse career paths
    • Dynamic and high profile national organisation
    • Extensive training and professionalisation
    • Flexible working arrangements
    • Great super benefits
    • Mentoring and development
    • National and international travel opportunities
    • Parental leave
    • Pay increases linked to regular performance reviews
    • Salary packaging available
    • Social and networking opportunities
    • Study assistance opportunities
    • Supportive work environment
    • Work-life balance

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