About the Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation

The Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation (AGO) is the lead imagery and geospatial intelligence (geospatial intelligence) organisation in the Department of Defence. AGO makes a critical contribution to protect the lives and safety of Australians at home and overseas, by providing of accurate and timely geospatial intelligence to support decision makers at all levels. Geospatial intelligence has increasingly been recognised as a critical element supporting Australia’s National Security and Defence interests and this role continues to expand.

Geospatial Intelligence Analysts can pursue several related career streams with opportunities to apply your skills, knowledge and initiative with unique AGO capabilities to deliver essential products, systems and support to our customers. Capable and motivated people with a range of analytical and/or geospatial skills are sought to produce high quality geospatial intelligence.Supervisors have additional opportunities to innovate, mentor and lead teams, share experience and skills that contribute to analysis for today’s strategic environment and evolve new capabilities required for tomorrow.

  • Contribute to, perform or lead geospatial intelligence analysis
  • Produce intelligence reports, briefs and documents
  • Interpret, assess and prioritise customer requirements
  • Build and sustain effective relationships
  • Innovate, develop and recommend solutions
  • Apply and share expertise

Benefits of working at the Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation

    • Business centres Canberra & Bendigo
    • Competitive salaries & benefits
    • Diverse career pathways
    • Flexible working & leave arrangements
    • Rewarding career
    • Training assistance & mentoring support

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