About Australian Defence Force

Who we are
The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is one of the most diverse employers in Australia. With more than 250 jobs across the Navy, Army and Air Force there is a role for almost everyone. Defence is also one of the largest employers of graduates in Australia, offering more than 50 different career positions for professionals looking to expand their skillset and follow a challenging and rewarding career path.

What we do
Ours is a unique and diverse workplace, but in some respects working for the ADF is much like being employed anywhere else. On most days you will start in the morning, work a standard day, then head home at night; but that’s where the similarity with many civilian jobs ends.

In what other career could you be helping rebuild communities devastated by a natural disaster one week, and participating in a United Nations peacekeeping mission the next? The ADF is making a positive contribution in every corner of the globe and provides you with the opportunity to put your talents to good use in a job which is challenging, worthwhile and interesting.

Career Progression
Through training and sponsored education we invest heavily in the personal and vocational development of every single member of the ADF regardless of their background and gender. Our promotion and remuneration policies are equally unbiased, as we believe rewards should be based solely on effort and achievement.

If you’re interested in learning more about the great career opportunities the ADF has to offer then call 13 19 01 or visit defencejobs.gov.au

I joined the Navy to get out of the office, see the outdoors and do a bit of travelling and to get some hands on experience. You work with some pretty impressive equipment

— Benjamin Brown, Marine Engineer Officer

I joined the Army because I wanted to do something different with my nursing. I completed the Defence University Sponsorship (DUS) through Monash University. It’s a fantastic scheme that allowed me to study at university as a full-time student and get paid by the Army while doing that.

— Tess Demunk, Nursing Officer

The Australian Defence Force culture is so tight-knit and unlike anything you would see or experience anywhere else. They have the best Pilot training in Australia, the best friendships you could ever make, and the best workplace you could possibly ask for.

— Alexandria Bisson, Pilot

Benefits of working in the Australian Defence Force

    • a good work/life balance
    • a supportive team environment
    • an excellent salary plus Super
    • free access to sports/fitness facilities
    • free medical and dental
    • friendships that last a lifetime
    • ongoing investment in your development
    • rewarding work and world-class training
    • subsidised accommodation
    • travel and leave entitlements


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