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Right now, we’re offering double Freemium subscription credits – so you can contact up to 10,000 Lode candidates, within 12 months, on us.

Want a fast way to find candidates who are studying at, or have graduated from, a university in Australia? Around 75% of applications are received within 24 hours, so you can get your new recruit on board fast.

With a database of 1.3 million university-qualified candidates, Lode’s algorithm connects your business to the candidates that match the skills that you need. If you’re an employer with internships; or short term, contract or permanent roles available (Australia-wide), grab one of our Freemium accounts to search and connect with talent.

10,000 credits means you can usually recruit around 3 candidates, so sign up today.



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Just in case you were wondering

What is a Recipient Credit?A Recipient Credit is our currency to contact candidates. One Recipient Credit means you can contact one candidate. Our current offer gives you 10,000 Recipient Credits.
How many Recipient Credits are needed to recruit a role?On average, we’ve found that a business needs to use around 3,000 credits to find the right candidate for a role. Of course, this depends on the salary, area and opportunity.
How long will it take me to recruit?We’ve found that around 75% of job ad responses come back within 24 hours, which means you can get your new recruit on board fast.
How long are my Recipient Credits valid for?The credits are valid for twelve months, so you don’t need to use them all at once or straight away (but we’d love you to).
What happens when I use all of my Recipient Credits?That’s no problem at all, just talk to us about the best package option to suit your business.
Is it hard to recruit using Lode?It’s easy to recruit for your role. Just:
Sign up
Create your ad. Create a great ad to get the best result for you
Choose who you want to target, based on skills, qualification and location
Send your ad to those that you’ve chosen to only
Review your shortlisted applications (usually 24-48 hours after)
Can I use Lode for unpaid internships?We’ve found that, by far, the best results are achieved with paid internships (which is our passionate preference too – fair’s fair, right?). There are some instances where an unpaid internship is attractive, for eg students who need to have work experience as part of their study.
Why aren’t you charging me for Recipient Credits?We’re passionate about supporting local business and encourage small to medium enterprises to try our new Freemium product at no cost. We also want to offer variety for our candidates and think this is the best way.
What kind of roles can I recruit via the Lode platform?Professional (ie jobs they’ve qualified for as part of their degree), and casual/unprofessional jobs (ie ones they’ll do while studying, just to pay the bills and get a bit of experience.
What kind of roles can’t I recruit via the Lode platform?Trades, or any job that requires a TAFE qualification (for now).
Why Lode vs other platforms?Lode’s key difference is that only the most relevant candidates are invited to apply for your role. This means that you’ll only get candidates qualified for your role, and not an avalanche of unqualified applications.
I need more than 2-3 staff?You can try Lode, and if you love us and need more credits, you can talk to us to buy some more.
Who’s Lode?Proudly part of the Queensland community, we’re a privately funded, locally-grown tech/SaaS scale-up. We’ve been around for 10 years, we’re in a hyper growth phase and would love to help your business manage their early career recruitment needs.