About CRCC Asia

CRCC Asia is seeking ambitious, talented and hardworking students or graduates from a variety of different sectors.

CRCC Asia specialises in connecting China and the global community through award-winning internships, study abroad programs and consulting services.

As the leading internship provider in China we are partnered with a variety companies in major cities to provide students and graduates the opportunity to further their personal and professional development in a dynamic international setting. The skills, knowledge and cultural experiences gained from our overseas work experience programs will enhance your CV and provide you with the edge you need to land your dream job.

Our programs run for 1, 2, and 3 months throughout the year across the most exciting international industry sectors in China including business, finance, marketing & PR, engineering, legal, green technology, hospitality and many more. This unique international experience allows participants to gain an insight into Chinese business culture, meet industry leaders, and build business networks.

China is a fascinating place in which to work and live, culturally, linguistically, and socially. We will secure a job placement suited to individual interests and provide a full schedule of social, cultural, and business events to enrich our participants’ China experience.

Our comprehensive China Internship Program offers Mandarin language courses, cultural training, business networking opportunities and social events as well as a variety of other support services. The wealth of skills and knowledge gained from our overseas work experience programs places students well above the competition in career job placement.


“Living and doing an Internship in Shanghai is something that I wouldn’t of been able to do alone. CRCC Asia provides the support and guidance to make what would usually be seen as a future aspiration a reality. It has changed my outlook on my future and shown me that a career in an international economy is closer that you think.”

— Emma, Marketing PR & Advertising intern, 1 month in Shanghai - Edith Cowan University

“I chose to undertake a two month internship program as this fitted with the holiday time I had free from University. Staying for two months allowed me to explore so much of Beijing and China that now I feel as though I actually lived in China, rather than just passing through. Having the weekends free from work allowed me to visit the historical aspects of not only Beijing, but also other parts of China. I was lucky enough to visit the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an, go to the Snow and Ice Festival in Harbin and visit Shanghai.”

— Savia, Engineering Intern, 2 months in Beijing - Griffith University

“The opportunity for professional growth through networking events and the placement are endless and I have made invaluable contacts from around the world. My placement is great, the small workplace is a mix of cultures and everyone is working hard on the release of a new iPhone game (Panarchy Fling, download it, it’s free!).”

— Robert, Business Intern, 1 month in Shanghai - Curtin University

Benefits of completing the CRCC Asia China Internship Program

    • 24/7 support in China
    • 4 star apartment-hotel accommodation
    • Airport pickup upon arrival
    • Business visa fees & processing
    • Charity weekend
    • Chinese business etiquette & cultural training
    • English speaking supervisor
    • Local Sydney office
    • Make your CV standout!
    • Pre-departure assistance
    • Social activities & networking events
    • Twice-weekly Mandarin lessons
    • Welcome pack

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